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  • David Robinson

Sister Act

Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday 18th May

**** “heaven sent entertainment”

Sister Act guarantees some long-term smiling. The 70’s jukebox is blaring out the tunes as you enter the auditorium and the good time vibes seep enthusiastically throughout the next couple of hours. It aims to please and doesn’t disappoint. It is about fun and friendship, real and valued friends that is not the pleasing hangers on who are there for a thin slice of fame. Night club singer Deloris accidently witnesses a back street murder, committed by her shady gangster boyfriend. The big idea of Philadelphia cop Alfie is to hide Deloris away in a handy local convent. The initial mix of club and convent is a tricky one, but Deloris seeks out a connection through her love of music and she sets about an unenviable task, that of transforming the tuneless sisters into a choral delight. The Mother Superior takes a little convincing but eventually is won over by the exuberant sound. The plot is a little on the thin side together with a dash of contrived dialogue, but the warmth on stage is genuine and infectious.

Most of the infectious glow is courtesy of Landi Oshinowo as a brilliant shiny Deloris full of bright life and truth with some top-class vocals to boot. Sue Cleaver has swopped the cobbles for a convent and is fine choice for The Mother Superior, just nicely squeezing out the right level of comedy, and managing some delightful vocals herself as well. Alfie Parker is a bundle of energy and joy as local cop Eddie, a beautifully crafted performance and rightly making the most of his song and dance moment. A real treat. Eloise Runnette is likable Sister Mary Robert, carefully observed and timed, and again showing how to deliver a big number. What a great moment it is when she finally finds her considerable voice.

The set looks a little tired and simple, with a couple of the flying sets dropping with a considerable bang. The songs are ones you feel you really want to clap along to, and again they prompt you to raise a smile or two. Although it must be said there are few that are exactly memorable.

Give yourself an opportunity for a smile fest and join the nuns for a joyful heaven sent night of entertainment.

David Robinson

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